Hokkien Poem

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the Hokkien Poem

Children is kina kia

Bird is chiao kia

Korean Car is Kia

Give birth is seh kia

Furniture is Ikea

Police is mata kia

Small house is chu kia

Country name is Czechoslovakia

Puppy is kao kia

Kitten is ngiao kia

Chicken is kuey kia

Pig is tu kia

H/phone is nokia

I'm Hokkien kia,

Malay is huan kia

Hindu is kit leng kia

Kuai lou is ang mo kia

Chinese is t'ng lang kia

Japanese is jit pun kia

Bad Guy is phai kia

Good Guy is ho kia

Person who read this message is Gong Kia

If you laugh, you are Siow Kia

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