Satelite TV

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You heard it! Satellite tv is very convenient and have so much advantage over cable TV. As you have already heard, satellite! it probably supports HD quality movies and better sound quality maybe with dolby digital surrond sound quality, and ofcourse have lots of channel. but maybe it has some disadvantage... like the strenght of the signal especially during storms and bad weather day.

I'm not sure about this, because i still doesn't own 1 yet. But these are getting popular, see from internet searches with satelite TV, its going to be more. well maybe its time to change. Doesn't sound good to watch tv over cable for the rest of your life right? Anyway, i just watch sports on tv.

if you are interested, you could try Direct TV, they are one of the satellite tv service provider. For Direct T V just do some research and compare prices, services, benefits etc you'll know what to do. if anyone of you used DirectTV before, feel free to leave some comment here.

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