Megan Fox is my favorite actress

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Megan fox, do you know who she is? you'd probably know because she is the main actress of our favorite movies named transformer. She is not that famous, not until she became the actress of this hot action movie. After she gains popularity, now you can practically see her everywhere, from magazine covers, tv news, events, and some tv shows. As the time im writing now. I found that there is a huge spike on search graph. Meaning that there are so many people are looking for news, picture, videos and every other stuff all about megan fox... thus they type "megan fox" in the search engine.

She is indeed beautiful and sexy(as most people regarded her as). More and more pictures are taken from her and you can see she really is capable of fitting into the hot and sexy genre. check out some of her picture... i can say some of them are really really hot. even in transformer there are numerous of sexy scene of her.

Megan fox is of course one of my favorite actress, now my fellow readers, im sure there is also many blogger blogged about her as well especially many Blog Awards nowadays. Please nominate me in the Best of the Best Awards. which also called BoB Awards.

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