Funny Swine flu | pig flu jokes

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Look! now everyone is talking about swine flu, the pandemic and even all the stuff around the news was them. For others, like business minded people make use of this event and some of them are really creative! 
yeah! and... making fun of pig flu season is never such fun!
Here are some funny pig flu T-shirts design

Are you the swine flu survivor this year? wear them to be!

Poor Mexico, i think the tourism income in mexico is doomed as well...
Now from the news and health organization. One of the best practice to protect yourself from pig flu is to wear mask... comon. it's not that bad to wear a mask... now you got a chance to design your own mask as well! see all these chinese invented fashion mask.

cheetah style mask
pig mouth mask

So, imagine thousands of people at street wearing all the same white mask to get protection from swine flu. This is a great way to differentiate yourself from other. And soon you'll find also "not so cute" people walking around too...

Mister Potato Style!

Oh, they even got swine flu cake as well..  funny cake design huh?

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swineflujoker on May 8, 2009 at 1:49 AM said...

now those masks are just plain funny. hahah i love the one i with a moustache!! I found another really funny swine flu spoof on youtube... here's the link

ahh.. these poor pigs!