swine flu or pig flu

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We are having a big global problem now. Swine flu, pig flu news are flooding all countries! This is disasterous!

For your information, the pig flu or swine influenza is a virus specific to pigs or porcine species;experts says it doesn't usually infect humans, but it did happen in history.
The strain believed is a new kind of mutated virus breed which is mixed between bird virus, pig virus, and human virus. It's not actually a swine flu, but a mutated version of it. I'm still not sure what they used to call this new breed of flu. They probably got a name by now.

The first dead victim caused by this swine flu is in U.S and first detected in Mexico. From the news of world health organization(WHO), now pig flu alert level has raised to level 5. See the WHO diagram below.

Any Idea how the pandemic started? It started like this...

Holy moley! we are all doomed!

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