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Poker! A popular card game that loved by many. World have involved, with the new technology and availability of internet, poker are being played online. Because of the very nature of the internet, now everyone can play poker at any corner of the world. More and more poker sites bloomed as time goes. One of them is PokerStars, it has VIP clubs like most of those site. These places have some serious player and it provides merchandise, gift and VIP member bonuses and other special stuff.

Like many of the poker sites, 2 quite popular ones are full tilt and PokerStar. Both of them has rakeback, which is a percentage of cash refund from the fees you pay to play poker. You can see here for the comparison about the PokerStars Rakeback and Full Tilt Rakeback.

PokerStars is believed by many to be best internet poker site today, comes with special stuff which gives you special PokerStars Bonus when you enter the bonus code. Any interested poker player could get this PokerStars Bonus Code free.

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Funny videos on April 12, 2009 at 2:38 PM said...

A popular card game that loved by everybody