Trade shows

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When a new product launches, the particular company will be involved in a trade show displays or what we called an expo. why is that? This is the usual way for the company to advertise their new product. because a trade show will attract lots and lots of visitor, therefore will give the company opportunity to market their product on the maximum potentialof exposure. Is like an exibit where there will be many exibit booths to visit.

Where to look for these? who is organising? well, one of the company is camelbackdisplay. It helps companies with most of the basic stuff for expo. stuff like lighting, banner stands, brochure racks, truss, logo floor mats... etc. which usually stuff like we saw on any expo. you get the idea.

So it's a good idea for a company to be involved in any expo or trade shows. At least for the company's reputation and exposure.

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