Purely M'sian jokes..........

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These are purely jokes and are not intended to offend ... enjoy...

Have you seen the Made-in-Malaysia car "Kancil"?
You know, that very little 600 cc car ???
Well, Dr M really wanted to sell it to the US, so when Dr M
paid a visit to the White House after finishing formal discussions with
George Bush, Dr M checks with Bush to find out if there is a way to sell
the Kancil in the USA.

After having looked at the brochure, Bush said, "You know,I think
this 'Kernchill' is too small for us Americans."
Not one who gives up easily, Dr M persisted and finally Bush
offered, "Ok,take this number down. This guy is my good buddy and
he's also the CEO of the biggest compact car distributor in North
Dr M was satisfied
with the meeting and returns to Malaysia.
The next day he called the number and a lady answered,"TOYS R US",
can I help you?"


Mr. Samy-vellu went for the United Nations' meeting.
He represented the Malaysian Prime Minister.
All nations were discussing about space exploration by the year
Here are some of the conversations:
China Delegate : "By the year 2008, China will start their moon
exploration project."
Russian Delegate : "We too, we are going to explore the moon.
This time we will see to it that our cosmonauts will step on the
George Bush & Clinton : "We the United States will also explore
the moon for the second time."
Malaysian Delegate: "By the year 2008, Malaysia will explore the sun."

There was a long
silence. Bush stood up and asked the
Malaysian delegate: "Isn't it too hot to explore the sun?"
Samy Vellu (after a long silence): "We will do it in the evening."

*** There are three major races in Malaysia - Malay, Chinese and
The Malays have the political power and so they set up the party
UMNO, which literally means "U Must Not Object".
The Chinese, on the other hand, controls most of the Economy and
They called their party MCA which means "Money Conquers All".
Then there are the Indians who have no say in politics or
economics.?They set up their party called MIC. Hence, every Parliamentary
meeting the Indians would ask: "Must I Come?"

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